Reflect -  Review – Repent – Repair – Renew - Revive


“The real aim of Lent is, above all else, to prepare us for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The better the preparation the more effective the celebration will be.”


40 days – this is not counting 6 Sundays; this is because every Sunday is a little Easter! 
Lent is not a time to give things up but to take things up.  How about taking up something different this lent.
  • Give to the Food Bank 
  • Invite someone new for a meal 
  • Ask someone how you could pray for them. 
  • Volunteer to serve at the Tab or in the community
We have need of volunteers to strengthen our iTab team, especially the two groups (Rising Stars and iTab Minis), that serve those up to School year 2.

The Sunday door opening and locking team could do with some added help.

The Food Bank would welcome help in covering sessions at the Library.  It would also welcome those able to ferry bags around to other distribution points.
  • Make a one-off gift to a person or charity in need.
  • Read all the Psalms
(Some of you told John that you enjoyed the challenge of reading the whole of the New Testament last Lent. The Psalms are like a little Bible, they have so much to teach us; they address every season of the soul.  When we are not sure what we should say in pray, they provide us with words).

“All of Scripture speaks to us but the Psalms speak for us.”  (Martin Luther)



Psalms in 40 days Daily Reading Plan

  Date   Psalms     Date   Psalms
1 Feb 14   Book 1 1 – 4   21 9     69 -72
2 15   5 – 8   22 10   Book 3 73 76
3 16   9 – 12     11   Catch up day
4 17   13- 17   23 12   77 – 78
  18   Catch up day   24 13   79 – 83
5 19   18   25 14   84 – 87
6 20   19 – 21   26 15   88 – 89
7 21   22 – 24   27 16   Book 4 90 – 93
8 22   25 – 27   28 17   94 – 98
9 23   28 – 30     18   Catch up day
10 24   31 – 33   29 19   99 – 102
  25   Catch up day   30 20   103 – 104
11 26   34 – 36   31 21   105 – 106
12 27   37 – 38   32 22   Book 5 107 – 108
13 28   39 – 41   33 23   109 – 115
14 Mar 1   Book 2 42 – 44   34 24   116 – 118
15 2   45 – 49     25   Catch up day
16 3   50 – 52   35 26   119
  4   Catch up day   36 27   120 – 129
17 5   53 – 57   37 28   130 – 137
18 6   58 – 61   38 29   138 – 142
19 7   62 – 65   39 30   143 – 146
20 8   66 – 68   40 31   147 – 150

Click here to download a printable guide to follow.


(Try Tuesdays: no meals all day, or skip a meal or an evening’s TV or Social Media and spend the time praying: if you find it difficult to resist Social Media pray for your friends/followers)



  • Give to the foodbank: When you go shopping for something for yourself, buy something for the Food Bank; maybe try to get 6 items (one a week) or 40 items, one per day)! There will be a list of items needed at the front of the Tab.
  • Give your time to someone that you or others might not have properly noticed.
  • Give your time to an area of service that might stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone. Find out where help is needed.
  •  Give some money as a one-off gift to God’s work. 
  • Give yourself to God and others more freely and cheerfully.
  • The hand or heart that must be prised open to give will not be ready to receive!

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  (Luke 6:38)

“When you serve more, you take less. When you give more, you need less. When you thank more, you want less. When there’s more of God, you’re Selfless”.


“When you gonna wake up?” (Bob Dylan)
Are you ready for what God has in mind for you?

Perhaps you need to talk things through with an elder.  Maybe you need something to read or to attend some training: Speak to the Elders.  All of us need to get more serious about God.


Meditate on our motto Text.


Reflect -  Review – Repent – Repair – Renew - Revive
“Someone says: “Build, build! Make a road!
    Clear the way, remove the rocks
    from the road my people will travel.”
A Message from the high and towering God,
    who lives in Eternity,
    whose name is Holy:
“I live in the high and holy places,
    but also with the low-spirited, the spirit-crushed,
And what I do is put new spirit in them,
    get them up and on their feet again.”  
(Isaiah 57 The Message)




Alone – with a friend (why not form a group of two or three to pray regularly together during Lent)– in a pastoral Group – on a Prayer night: Wednesday at 8pm on 21stFeb, 7 and 21stMarch – or on our Day of Prayer: Tuesday March 13.

  • Use the excellent free prayer app: Prayer Mate; it is an excellent way to organise your prayer life. https://www.prayermate.net
  • Pray for the Tab and Lancing.
Pray for the preaching of the word to feed his people, glorify Jesus and touch the lives of those who are not yet Christians.

Wisdom and provision for the future.

Pray for Messy Church team and all who attend (subject: Who is the Holy Spirit?) Wednesday Feb 14.


  • Pray for the Persecuted Church
  • Pray for our community and nation with all the opportunities and challenges they face.
“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people –  for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Saviour, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth”. 
(1 Timothy 2:1-4
  • Pray for the Latvian Biblical Centre during Lent.
Remember John as he leads the first School of Preachers sessions on Friday March 2 and Saturday March 3.  John is preaching at Communitas in Riga on Sunday March 4, and leading the LBC Board meeting on Monday March 5.
  • Pray for Meadow Grove Baptist Church
John is visiting our friends at Meadow Grove in mid-March.  He will be preaching at their two morning services and the evening service on Sunday March 18.  Thank the Lord for this partnership and pray for wisdom in thinking about how it will develop in the future.  Pray for Andrew Wilson in his thinking about his future after the summer.
  • Pray for Living Hope
Living Hope Sunday will be celebrated on February 18 at the Tab, and February 25 elsewhere.  Pray that all their needs will be met.  Pray for the developing telephone, TV and Radio ministry.  TV programmes recorded at the Tab, in Richard’s room are used around the world!  Pray for the large team going on a complex six nation trip in April 3-13th. (Andrew and his brother John will be accompanying Richard).
  • Pray for Kate Booker and Chris Forest
They get married at the Tab on Saturday March 24, and for Sally as she gives Kate away.  


Fast – Give – Prepare – Pray Then…



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