Altogether Now! Is a special Activity Sunday for everyone in Years 1-6 who comes to one of the children's groups here at the Tab.
If you are part of: Minis,   Spin,  Radar,   iTab Minis  or iTab Max be with us on Sunday 24th March from 10:30 till 12:15.

There will be Singing,  Video,  Games,  Make a Mothers Day card,  Art,  Stories and Pizza making and eating it!!

Information for Parents / Carers

Please drop your children off at the front of the church .There will be leaders from their group to meet and look after them,

You don't have to leave you are very welcome to stay in church.

We will start together in church.

We will go through to the church hall for our activities. One of the activities will be pizza making.

The programme will finish at 11:45 and you can collect your children then.

BUT!!!! We will be eating the pizza we have made from 11:45 . So you can pick up your child anytime between 11:45 and 12:15.

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