Want to help ?

We operate through donations from individuals, local churches, schools, and supermarket collections.

Donations can be added to the permanent foodbank trolley in the Co-op in North Road Lancing, at the Library on Thursday mornings only and most mornings at Lancing Tabernacle church via the office entrance. For any other times please contact us to arrange a mutually acceptable time.

A list of items required are listed below (On the vegetable front we always have more Baked Beans than we can distribute but are often short of tinned carrots etc and tinned meat).  To maximise your giving, can we suggest that buying a store’s own brand of product is often cheaper? It is also useful to have family sized packs and tins

Tinned vegetables
Tinned meat
Tinned fish
Tinned fruit
Orange Juice (Cartons long life)
UHT milk
Sugar (500g packs)
Tea bags
Coffee (instant)
Packet mash
Tinned rice Pudding
Sauces e.g. Ragu
Pasta (500g packs)
Rice (500g packs)?