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Updated 29th March

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As we have suspended all church meetings and activities for the time being Tab News Online will keep you up to date with news, stories and other things. We are planning to post video messages on a Sunday and also working on other different ways to stay in touch. If you have any ideas do please let us know via the Contact Page.

The above picture was taken recently showing the majority of the Tab family. Take a minute to identify someone each day and pray for them.
Everybody has been allocated to one of 6 ‘virtual’ network groups. These groups will not be gathering together physically, but in these times of social distancing will function as branches of the Tab family. The idea is to support one another through prayer, interaction (phone, internet or good old-fashioned post), pastoral support and practical help. If you have not been allocated and would like to be please message us.
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Please Pray - Latest News from the Food Bank

A lot of work has been taking place to deal with how to support rising demand without meeting people face to face and without much food!

As far as possible we are switching over to distribution of supermarket vouchers by post in order to keep everyone safe. This is complicated as we've had to include a system for receipts to be returned to ensure that the money is spent wisely. Occasionally food banks are being collected or delivered with distancing rules being complied with!

Please pray for those dealing with the flood of incoming requests for help. It is emotionally draining for them at the front line when so many callers are vulnerable and frightened.

Keeping the Food Bank going is proving to be very much a community effort. We are grateful for the support of Electric Storm Youth (deliveries), our gallant bag packers working one at a time at the children's centre, the Lions for funding vouchers & many others.

Please pray for the new system to be effective, that the team may remain strong & well and that needs will be met.

Deacons' Update

toolsJust to let you know during this period of hibernation we are seizing the opportunity to carry out some repairs and improvements at the Tab, well until the latest announcement from the prime minister on Monday night!
you can download the latest Deacons report HERE.


On a Lighter Side...

Just to show we are taking the distancing thing seriously…
It's good to see one of our Elders is taking the distancing thing seriously

  church at home
Church at Home

Mark & Linda getting into the spirit of Church at home. An excellent way to witness to your neighbours  - of course keeping the social distance! If you have any interesting pictures to share please send them in.

The Red Cross First Aid course on 16th May is postponed.
Mark Deacon will notify all participants and the reserve list when we can reschedule. Probably in the autumn now.
In the absence of many of our regular activities, we should consider using the time freed up to pray, whether individually or in our households.

Key things to pray for include:
  • Prayer for wisdom for our government and the rulers God has placed over us, as they have to make difficult decisions on our behalf;
  • For those who are ill that they might know God’s mercy and the hope of the gospel in the face of death;
  • For those who are bereaved that they will know the comfort of God and the hope of the resurrection;
  • For those that are needy and vulnerable that they might be shielded from infection and that we might love them as we love ourselves;
  • For those who are working to provide medical care and essential services that they will know God’s help and strength under immense pressure;
  • For Christian business-owners and employers that they might know to act justly towards their employees at this time;
  • For those who are facing the loss of income and livelihood that their needs will be met and that the church would generously support those who have no other means of help;
  • That we would all know patience, long-suffering, and contentment in the face of the inconveniences we face;
  • That we would joyfully obey the advice that is given for our own good and the good of others.



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