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 iTab Sunday - 3rd May
Doubting Thomas


Watch - Video narrated by Noah Rivera


Things to do
Click HERE to download and print this weeks activity sheets
Watch the video below
Help us build a giant rainbow (see below)

Watch - No doubt about it


Extra Activity for the week

Help us build a Lancing Tab Giant Rainbow of Hands.
This is an activity for the whole Tab family, no age limits!

We are creating a message to the community to show that Lancing Tab is alive and cares!  Hopefully, on your walks or your TVs you will have seen the many rainbows decorating homes and shops in recognition of the appreciation we have for all NHS workers and others who are keeping essential services going. Many of you have made them for your windows. Rainbows are a symbol of hope, instigated by God, that we can identify with.

We are going to create a giant rainbow of coloured hands to display in the big window at the front of the Tab. We need your help. To make this work we need A LOT of hands. Here’s what to do:

1. Find some paper. 
2. Draw around your hand 6 times. 
3. Colour each hand.
This could be painting, crayons, felt pens, fabric/paper collage (rip up colour pictures in old magazines?), glue on wool or fabric. Or if you have different coloured paper, just draw & cut out! One for each of the following colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet (Yes, we know we’ve missed indigo, but we figured not many people will have 2 purply shades of colour!) If you do not have lots of colours just do what you can! 6 hands the same colour would be another option. If you have no colours, then please at least do one white hand for us to photocopy & colour on your behalf.
4. Cut out the hands. 
5. Write your name clearly on each one. 
6. Post your cut out hands through the Tab letterbox as soon as possible. If you can’t get out, ask someone else to deliver them for you or send them via post to:
Rainbow Hands
Lancing Tabernacle
105 North Road 
BN15 9BB

We will construct & display the rainbow as soon as we have enough hands. Ideally, we’d like everyone to produce a set of 6 hands.